Destiny by Habit or by Luck?

As per Jim Rohn Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

When one is committed to a vision or a mission or a goal, then one pursues that vision diligently, consistently and then slowly things change, magic begins to happen, you attract abundance, universe helps you. Your daily habits, discipline and consistency start to attract beautiful things from the Universe , and quite suddenly, you realize that all your dreams start becoming true , you attract success and drive your destiny .

Some may attribute it to your being lucky, others may say that you have a good lineage , or that you are blessed to be born rich, or extremely privileged and fortunate . But you alone know the real truth of perspiring to see that all these happen to you .

Now let us start with what Success means to each one of us ? Is it having a thriving business, an envious career, A happy marriage, wonderful children, happiness, joy and contentment , a wide group of friends , a big social circle, A fat bank balance ? We may want to say ‘all of it ‘ but does it really happen?

For me, I would like to say that “Success is the achievement of something that , you have been trying to do, or you dreamed to become, or you desired to possess.”

We observe that some succeed in their career, get elevated to reach higher posts, but they fail in their relationships. Some have lavish business but most of what is earned is spent on the life style diseases that they encompass. It seems as if, to achieve something we have to forego something else, which is not necessarily true. It only means that one has prioritized something above the others.

To have a harmonious and successful life, one needs to set goals in different areas of one’s life. This is also known as the Wheel of Life Work, which comprises of the following

1. Career or Business

2. Health and Fitness

3. Finances

4. Relationships and Family

5. Recreation and Happiness

6. Personal Development

7. Spirituality and Community Welfare

So when we keenly observe people who have become successful and have been able to achieve balance and harmony in their life, we can see that they demonstrate some traits which are common. They try to achieve balance and success by diligently pursuing certain habits, following certain principles in life to become successful . It is neither luck nor their lineage , but the way they live their life.

So let us see some facts to establish this

1. Successful people wake up early, follow certain daily routines with discipline and keep a system to track or monitor their habits. They are consistent and work really hard, and expect extraordinary performance from themselves. So they expect high performance from others too. Repeated too often , high-level success starts with a recognition that hard work pays off.

Waking up early , performing daily routines with discipline, diligence and consistency, does not sound like being Lucky , Right?

2. Successful people are incredibly curious, eager to learn and take pride in being Life Long Learners (LLL). They study, ask questions, read constantly and keep themselves up to-date. An interesting point, to be noted over here, is that they apply the knowledge so gained and take advantage of what they have learnt.

Repeated success is not about memorizing facts, but it’s all about being able to take information and create, build, or apply it in new and important ways. Successful people want and try to learn everything about everything! If you observe many widely-admired business leaders like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg you may realize that they read every day, learn and apply their knowledge .

So summarizing these, successful people are curious/are life long learners/ eager to read/create/ build and apply the knowledge so gained . Well this also is not about being lucky but creating time and effort to learn and apply .

3. Successful people work on themselves, their personality, their leadership skills, their management skills, their communication skills, technological skills, their relationships, their fitness, their finance and every other aspect of their life. They look out for opportunities and learn from their mistakes

When a relationship or business deal goes sour, they learn from their slipups, and then they strive to do better next time. Successful people don’t tolerate flaws, They work on themselves, fix the flaws, perform even better but never quit!

As Bill Gates mentioned in his book Business @the Speed of Thought, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” The majority of unhappy customers don’t enjoy being unhappy: Something about the company, product, or customer service experience made them that way. What this imply is that even when customers complain, by getting to know the reason for their unhappiness, you can learn and improve your product or service. So let us ponder on whether we are prepared to learn from every opportunity that is presented to us and learn even from our mistakes.

Summarizing this point it is clear that successful people work on themselves, their personality, leadership skills, management skills, communication skills technical skills, relationships, their fitness, finance and learn from their mistakes . This narrows down to the fact that this is another quality of acquiring required skills and learning from mistakes and definitely not Luck right?

4. Successful people take 100 % responsibility for their actions and are self reliant.. Incredibly successful people don’t worry about blame. They don’t blame others, don’t make excuses and don’t waste time complaining. if something does not work according to their plans, they take appropriate decisions and move on.

You would have observed people making excuses when they are late or when they are unable to execute properly, or when things go wrong . They blame, complain or make excuses unlike successful people who are not bothered about criticism or being judged by others. They are usually relaxed and keep their own perspective

Even in times of stress or turmoil, highly successful people keep their balance,

They rarely panic or make impulsive decisions. They never seem rushed, and get a lot done in limited time by taking full advantage of each day without wasting time but asking the right questions,

As a summary we can notice that exceptionally successful people take the initiative, accept 100% responsibility, don’t blame , complain or make excuses, and are not bothered about criticism or being judged by others They rarely panic or make impulsive decisions . They utilize time optimally and make sound decisions, even in a crisis, qualities imbibed over a period of time not specific to Luck

5. Highly successful people “look over the horizon” to see the future. They observe trends, notice the changes and the shifts taking place and hear the nuances that others fail to see. When advances in technology or a new competitor in the market or a change in the economic or political situation requires an adjustment to be made , they are the first and quickest to respond. Extremely successful people live in the present, with one eye on the future! . They know that “Now” is the only time that they can control.

6. The most important trait I have noted is that they are extremely Passionate, Persistent, Perseverant, Positive, Purposeful ,Practical, Laser focused on Priorities, disciplined and committed to their Goals and take required actions in time to achieve them .

7. These traits work together in combination, giving successful people a huge advantage repeatedly. Because they are insatiable learners, they can respond wisely to the changes. Because their personal relationships are strong, they have good advisors, and a reserve of goodwill when things go bad. Because they pursue their habits diligently , they build the right muscles , strength and stamina to face any situations, which help them to overcome any obstacles and become persistent and perseverant to achieve their goals and become successful.

And finally, none of these traits are genetic! They can be learned! They are free and they are skills, one can use and start immediately to become successful,

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Gita Ramachandran Digital Success Leadership Coach

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