Six Simple steps to build Amazing Confidence

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📌 Confidence means believing in yourself, feeling comfortable with who you are, and recognizing your self-worth.

📌 When you feel more confident, the way you present yourself before the world changes, which in turn profoundly impacts the opportunities that will come your way. People start believing in you, and you become more successful in whatever you do.

Self-Confidence is a skill which can be easily developed by anybody, provided one is ready to practice a few simple steps. Practicing these steps regularly can make you more and more confident.

Step 1

📌 Believe in yourself:

Recognise whatever skills you already have and be convinced about them and start writing them down. Believe in yourself and think of all the incidences, where you knew that you could achieve something, and you went ahead and succeeded. Note them down in a journal and go through the journal on a regular basis.

Nurture a Positive Mindset. Next time you take up a challenge, observe what you say to yourself. Do you tend to say things like, I can’t, I won’t be able to, there is some issue, I am not good enough, I may not get the desired result and so on? Now look for ways to improve your inner self-talk.

Teach yourself to say, I can, I will, I have, I am sure, I am pretty good at this or that and so on.

Step 2

📌 Mirror Exercise:

Mirror exercise is a powerful confidence building tool to help you replace any negative self-talk that you tend to do with something positive and self-affirming. Stand in front of a mirror, relax, look at yourself in the eye and appreciate yourself aloud. Tell yourself all that you accomplished during the day by calling out your name, your achievements, personal discipline that you maintained, temptations that you did not give in to etc. Try to perform this for a minimum of 40 days and maybe more till you recognise that your self-confidence has gained strength.

Step 3

📌 Associate with confident people:

Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” They determine what conversations dominate your attention, your attitude, and your behavior. Eventually, you start to think like they think, and behave like they behave. So by being associated with people who are confident, you will tend to become more confident yourself.

You also need to realize that you should be ready to learn. In fact, everyone must learn and life is a journey of constant learning. Have confidence in your ability to learn. You should also be willing to admit that you need guidance or support, in any area that you are not confident.

So, spend time with colleagues who exude confidence. Observe them and keep learning consciously. In fact, you will also learn a lot unconsciously through such associations.

Step 4

📌Maintain a Victory journal:

Write down all your accomplishments in a small diary — your own personal victory journal. Browse through it and read them regularly to boost your confidence. Write down 20 things that make you feel good. By doing this regularly, you will begin to observe that the negative image of yourself starts changing and your self-talk improves.

In the same journal, make a section to record your gratitude. Write down your gratitude for 5 things that you feel happy about, or you feel good about yourself, or you are being appreciated for. These will help you build your confidence, as you start realizing that you are already more than enough!

Step 5

📌Practice and perfect:

Be aware of those skills where you feel you lack confidence and start practicing overcoming that. Practice makes one perfect. Practice is truly beneficial, because in addition to building your confidence, it also hones up existing skills.

If you lack confidence in presentation skills, take up the challenge of doing presentations daily, for about 30 days. Perfect your words, tone, pitch, eye-contact, and body language. The ability to make effective presentations especially gives a huge boost to your confidence at the workplace.

Similarly, if you feel that you lack writing skills, take up a writing challenge and do it for 30 days and see how you improve. Bolster your writing skills by doing a lot of reading on the same genre as what you need to write about. If it’s at the workplace, study memos written by your seniors who are considered good.

So also, with any other skills. You may declare your intentions publicly to your family, friends, line managers and so on, or to an Accountability Partner or be accountable to yourself and carry out the challenge

Step 6

📌Take Action:

Speak up! For instance, if you want a raise, and you feel you deserve it, you need to speak to your Boss with confidence. Exuding confidence is important when you speak to your Boss and in fact even with your colleagues. If you yourself are not convinced, how can you convince others? Confidence comes from the power of conviction.

If it’s a presentation, prepare well, define your objectives and practice how you want to present it. Now go ahead and present after you have it perfected, and you are at ease.

So, believe in yourself and speak out, without fear, and without bothering about the consequences. You will feel lighter when done.

Try these steps and see how it improves your confidence level.

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